Technique to conquer the Saint Mountain Sic Bo that was climbed by a newbie

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These new gamblers who are thinking of walking the road Sic Bo, if you only think that you just stab, then you’ll be right if you think like that. The author thinks that you are wrong. Because playing, there is definitely a way to play for money. I’m going to ask you to tense up and collect the (not) secret tips of newbies that have become masters for everyone to read and study thoroughly. In order to achieve breakthroughs in this path and will be known as another person. Who makes money from the dice game ufabet

Shake is done. Pull back. Hi-Lo

Each of you has a way of shaking. Folk dice are different depending on the person. and shakers, Sic Bo online, each machine, each time set the shake rhythm is not the same in each online casino If you meet the type that “Shake it and pull it towards you” let you bet low first. Because if you hear a “click” once, it means that next to page 1 will be page 2 and 3, it means low chance   It is very high and the chances of making money are very high as well. 

After shaking, push it forward, Hi-Lo

If the local Hi-Lo found has a shake-up style that pushes forward like this, stab the opposite from the top because the chances of getting out 5 and 6 are more important, need to listen to the sound as well. click or not And if there is a sound, then bet as follows, but do not forget to bet on 5 High and 6 High as well, you will have the opportunity to make the most money and hold the 5 and 6 favorites for safety, because if you lose, you will only lose 30 % only

Hi-Lo out one page

We humans do things for a long time repeatedly. We will get bore with the repetition. And our bodies will follow that without thinking of anything. which our dealer is human as well If there is a period when our owner shakes for a long time, the body will come up and repeat in the same pattern. If you notice that there is a period where a point is issue, a point is repeat, such as high, repeated over and over. then let you stab at it because the chances of it being there are certain

This is just a technique. That can only be use for playing folk hai lo But if it is Sic Bo online. There will be a lot of playing and techniques for you to learn how to do in the next chapter.