Online Chicken beating Look at the marks well and you can hit them

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Watching for chicken marks is an online chicken beating technique that requires a fair amount of skill. Which is a technique that the owner of the chicken or the water hand must know. Because of the evaluation of the chicken from the defect Is to look at the flaws of our opponent, enter the formula, know him, know us, fight a hundred times, win a hundred times ufabet. For example, if the chicken arch a chicken like a chin chicken time if other elements are close to each other. Such as height, weight, shin numbers. He will rely on the blame of his opponent. where there is a weak point.

If there is no chin hair, little hair, or signs of injury. It will be able to assess initially that the chicken from arch A should have a high chance of winning, so if we are investors On these matters, we need to study some of the strengths and weaknesses of the blame. Of the pair that we will invest in how much is the possibility The more I meet a lot of chickens who have passed through the stage. But there are few flaws. This has to be very far away.

Knowing as a gamecock, definitely online chicken beating

Cockfighting foothills are divide into many different areas. Only the main footpaths, there are already 10 types, such as awnings, footpaths, footpaths, downhills, truss, upper foothills, retreats, foothills, mule horses, etc., each of which has advantages and disadvantages that cause allergic reactions in a snake-like way. So, before you decide to invest in which chicken or kiosk, you should have basic knowledge of the farm. Of the chicken kiosk that you will deposit money Don’t go to play with chicken for fun. Or the chicken doesn’t know its head. If you can choose, you can choose a booth that is reliable. It can be raise, trained well, hit well.

Study the gamecocks well. Don’t hit the price online chicken beating

The matter of odds has evolved over time. Gamecocks from the early days played with only winning results. until now issuing online prices for cockfighting There are always ups and downs like football betting. or other live sports that have it all The composition of winning and losing depends entirely on the information you have in hand. Because in addition to the above elements that are a basic guide to watching chickens. There are also other elements involve. Such as symptoms of chicken wrong form

Which investors often accuse the loser chicken as a job chicken. Which may not be true if the chicken that hits ten thousand dollars Up to a million, the more difficult to get big jobs In fact. There are a few subtleties that can cause a chicken to inadvertently deform. Such as transportation, feeding, weather or environmental issues. Including the mental state of the chicken Simply put. It is The chicken is not in the mood to hit. have the same part

Therefore, in one match, the price of chicken will be constantly adjust according to the situation. Which you have to look at the price quickly and look at the chicken Perhaps the price flows according to the form. Sometimes the rooster fights, some does not. Almost there, but there is a cause for the other side to not die. Or suddenly the other person gives up and doesn’t just hit it. Until turning back and losing At least you have to know that the chicken doesn’t hit it. Because of Or is it because of the form itself? Perhaps the chicken retreated and did not focus on attacking. When the other side runs out, they come back to beat and win, with a blank face that they can see.

The price of the chicken It is similar to the boxing price, ranging from full bet, full pay, not deducting water, white price or 5/4, full bet if winning only 4 or if secondary winning 5 losing 4, etc., with the price going up until 100/ 1 has been there as well, so maverick investors tend to play. The price of dressing for two sides is very much the same. Because he analyzes each other according to the form But you must not forget that you have to look at the foot of the chicken as well.