Hi-Lo in depth play From a rookie to the stairs to the Sian Khan

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Hi-Lo Casinos are becoming very popular. And wide and threw out continuously If you go to Facebook, you will find that there are many advertisements all over it. In which the casino has many games from abroad for you to choose from, whether it is roulette, slots, baccarat or even lottery. But do you all know that now there is a game that is very popular? And it’s not all fun. It is a game that has been with Thai people for a long time. Likes to follow the work of the deceased during the dark night to almost light

, yes! That is the folk sic (hilo), so it is not strange. That Casinos from foreign countries will be pack. Put into service so call Sic Bo in this one place can be play via mobile phones without having to install apps. Make it difficult. Some of them are open as dice gambling websites, especially as hai lo and get real money ทางเข้า ufabet.

Hilo introduces himself to get to know each other first

Hai Lo is a type of betting game. The equipment used to play is A 6-sided square dice with points 1-6 generally use a total of 3 balls and also have a plate in hand to shake the dice. Along with another lid that is used to cover the points of the dice as well. The rules of this game are very simple. is to predict the number of the dice itself But the color of this game is Guessing with a unique name that makes it more fun

Hi-Lo bet high-low, Teng Tod, what is it?

Sic Bo betting has the fun of betting that is popularly known as betting. Which each type of bet has a different name. For a moment, let’s delve a bit deeper into what is the name of the Sic Bo bets each time?

Teng Teng: betting on points 1 to the 6th point. The official language is call Teng Teng (the gambler’s language is called involved). 
Note that  if 1 of the 3 dice, any one Issue the points that the bet will receive 1 to 1, that is, bet 1 baht, receive 1 baht.

Toad : betting as in number 1, but will bet 2 points at a time. 
Note that 2 out of 3 dice will issue points. guess Therefore, it is consider that the bet is correct. For example, if stabbed that Toad 2 and 3, if the lid is open, it is 2-3-5, this is consider correct And this kind of stabbing has a higher risk. Therefore, the payout rate is 51 to 5 or that is, bet 1 baht, pay 5 baht. 

Bet Low-High : The total point of all 3 dice, if the point is between 3 and 10. Then it is consider “low”, but if the total is between 12 and 18, it is called “high”  
. Betting like this. Will be paid in the amount of 1 to 1, or that is, bet 1 baht. If the bet is correct, receive 1 baht. 

11 Hi-Lo : It is the total point of all 3 dice must come out to be 11, which in fact is quite difficult. Therefore, people are not very popular to bet on each other much. 
Note 11 Hi-Lo bets are quite risk-bearing points, thus causing the payout rate to be in a large amount, which is 1 to 5, or that is, bet 1 baht, receive 5 baht.