Dybala is not okay with a new offer to bid farewell to Juventus

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Argentine striker Paulo Dybala Has concluded his own future is to leave Juventus after the end of the contract at the end of this season.

Sky Italia is one of several Italian news outlets reporting that Dybala will not renew his contract with Juventus. After negotiations between the Argentine striker’s representatives and the ufabet club’s management. No agreement could be reached.

Dybala’s agent Jorge Antun is in Italy awaiting talks over a new contract. After the schedule was postpone from a few weeks ago. And it’s time to discuss since Monday morning By meeting more than two hours at Continassa the conclusion was a failure. Previously, both parties could agree on a contract since last year. 

The contract is worth more than 11 million euros per year. But after a review of the club’s financial status The offer has been drop. And new offerings for only 6-7 million euros per year plus a number of bonuses Which is a disappointing number for players.

When treating of his last year of agreement, Dybala already finds in freedom to initiate conversations with other teams. In accordance with ‘ACE’, are two the options that for the moment handle to receive him. One of them would be the one of the Athletic of Madrid, where would expect them his compatriot, Diego Pablo Simeone, the one who expects to add effective of attack in summer.