“Aguero”, whose psalm boat built a statue in front of the field as another legend

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Former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is grateful to have a statue in front of the Etihad Stadium alongside team-mate Vincent Kompany. David Silva is also milestone in his career as a legend at this ufabet club of all time.

A statue of 3 Buds was installed to the east of the Homecoming. Contest-winning sculptor Andy Scott created this piece by joining together a huge amount of sheet metal.  

The Argentine striker’s action was so cool that he chose when he took off his shirt to celebrate. After scoring a 3-2 winner against QPR to give the team the English Premier League title a decade ago.  

“ This is to say from my heart that it is a very beautiful statue. It was so touching to see myself acting 10 years ago. ” Opening up with ‘ Sky Sports ‘

“ Over the past 10 years of working together I have won many trophies here. Contribute to pushing the club to the number one team in the world football industry. ” 

“ It is also a great honor for the club to create a statue to commemorate the future generations of professional football in Manchester. It’s something really special. ” 

Aguero, who scored 257 goals in 384 appearances for City , became the club’s all- time top scorer , winning five Premier League titles , one FA Cup and six League Cups.  

He is also the most goalscoring foreign player in the English Premier League and his goal – per – minute ratio is among the best in history as well.